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How to setup your First Click Test in Proven by Users

Setting up your first click test

  1. From the Projects page click New Project. A dialog will appear to choose the test type. Pick First Click
  2. Adjust your project settings as needed. Learn more about project settings
  3. In the First Click section add your image ( design mockup, wireframe or other) to test. Note: when viewed the image will be scaled down to fit the participant's device.
  4. Enter the question or task - typically in the form 'Where would you click to ... ? '
  5. (optional) Add a survey section to gather more information about your participants
  6. (optional) Add a message section to greet or thank your participants
  7. Preview your test to be certain that you are providing enough instructions to be clear to your participants.
  8. Make your test live and e-mail the URL to your participants.
  9. That's it! Sit back and wait for the results!

firstclick setup page